UX / UI Designer, Teacher


I am a creative, designer, photographer, teacher, human.


Hi, my name is Chryssa

Well the title sums it up. I have some concerns about the human part. There are days that i truly believe i am actually not from this planet.
And that goes for the rest of you too. 

A fanatic book reader, game player, series binge freak, twitter-o-lover and live concert goer, i take chances, risk stability, laugh my heart out, live my moments offline when possible. Coming from a blue zone island in Greece, i know, no time relevance and have a completely strange relationship with the sea. And the sun. And my friends. And my family.

Call me C. 

Web Design, Corporate Identity, Art Direction, Project Management, New Ideas, Script Writing, Product Development,  are some of the skills i have come to acquire after some what 15+ years of experience.

Looking for the next project that will provoke me to be better, to know more and to work with new people that share the same dream. Be a part of team or lead one to achieve goals with the knowledge that we move forward, creating things that will make our everyday life better, in a way that simplicity and effectiveness is just part of our daily routine.

Feel free to contact me, and share, exchange or murder ideas. :)